The Climate Emergency: Diagnosis and Management

Friday October 30, 2020
Online from Vancouver BC


Why is this conference important and why is it relevant to you?

The World Health Organization has stated that the climate crisis is the biggest health concern of the 21st century--and the Lancet has said that fighting climate change could be the greatest global health opportunity. If we do not make major changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next 10 years, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicts catastrophic effects on the environment and human health. This conference will inspire us all in our health care roles to better understand these issues and advocate for necessary systemic change.

How will this conference look virtually?

  • Yes it’s true - many medical conferences can (and should be) conducted entirely online. This concept has enormous benefits in reducing the carbon footprint and making them more accessible to all. In addition to the usual lecture and workshop formats, we will include other features that make a conference complete such as live interactivity with your colleagues and lots of time for Q&A.
  • We have smaller simultaneous workshop sessions to enable participants to delve into areas of special interest and actively participate in discussions.
  • A poster session will highlight specific projects developed by participants prior to the meeting
  • We’ll offer the opportunity to visit with a group of businesses and organizations who do environmentally positive work.

What are our goals?

  • To share how to mitigate and adapt to the health effects of the looming climate crisis and spur you into action (from bite sized ideas– to major advocacy).
  • Featuring speakers with expertise in both climate change and health – giving you lots of time to ask questions!
  • We hope to create a group of health-care personnel with considerable knowledge of climate change issues, and skills to better advocate for change in medical and public spheres.
  • Gender diversity, minority representation, and support of Indigenous rights are necessary in any medical conference and we will aspire to achieve them.

Who should join us?

We expect that this conference will attract mainly physicians, but we suspect that it may be of interest to medical students, medical residents, and professionals in other health-oriented fields.

Virtual Showcase submissions now welcome!

Due date for submissions: Sep 18, 2020
Notices will be sent out via email to the submission contact by Oct 1.

  • The Showcase will be an interactive portion of the event which is intended to increase knowledge sharing and knowledge translation between healthcare professionals and other interested interdisciplinary agencies.
  • We invite your participation and creativity.  Suggested formats include posters, pictures or videos. Audience members can click on your Showcase contributions and view them at their leisure. 

More details about the virtual showcase can be viewed here.