Volume 6 Autumn 2004 Number 1
Volume 5 Autumn 2003 Number 1
Volume 4 Autumn 2002 Number 1
Volume 3 Winter 2001 Number 2
Volume 3 Autumn 2001 Number 1
Volume 2 Autumn 2000 Number 2
Volume 1 Autumn 1999 Number 1

Volume 6 Autumn 2004 Number 1

The Promises and Perils of Interprofessional Education: A Student's View
Pamela C. Albrecht, Eunice gorman, Frances Aiken

Le Projet SIPA : une réponse alternative aux besoins des personnes-soutien
Élizabeth Beaulieu, Josée Grenier et Michel Lemieux

Safety in the Social Work Workplace: The Role of In-Service Training and Agency Policies
Frank Sirotich, Grant Macdonald

Children with HIV/AIDS at School: Perspectives of Educators
Brenda L. Romans, Robyn Salter-Goldie, Dale DeMatteo

Le suicide chez les jeunes et la quête de sens et de spiritualité
Marie-Line Morin

Reflections on the Development of a Trauma Response Team
Nathan R. Pyle

Implications of Trends in Health Care for Hospital-Based Treatment of the Mentally Ill
Peter J. O'Brien

Social Workers and Retirement: A Feminist Issue
Leona M. Engligh, Nora D. English

Les Pratiques Parentales de mères survivantes d'agression sexuelle
Delphine Collin-Vézina, Mireille Cyr, Robert Pauzé et Pierre McDuff

A Community Practice Model for People Affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)
Erna Carter, Richard W. Nutter

Historical Interview:
Len Richards: A Global Journey in Search of Social Work-In Conversation with Bill Kirwin

Comments and Opinions:
A Call for a Paradigm Shift in How Helping Professionals Interact with the Legal System
Alexander T. Polgar

Volume 5 Autumn 2003 Number 1

Canadian Legal and Ethical Parameters for Working with Suicidal Clients
Faye Mishna, Cheryl Regehr, Beverley Antle

Disclosure Issues In Donor-Assisted Conception: Can Adoption Point the Way?
Jean Haase, Philip Burge

Exploring Secondary Trauma in Sexual Assault Workers in Northern Ontario Locations - The Challenges of Working in the Northern Ontario Context
Diana Coholic, Karen Blackford

A Child Welfare Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) Pilot Project
Karen Hancock, Carole Echlin, Rhoda Hallbers, Meg Lewis, John Liston, Terry West

Social Work Students and Spirituality: An Initial Exploration
Rick Csiernik, David W. Adams

Social Work and Social Networks
Suzie Robichaud

Western Colonization as Disease: Native Adoption and Cultural Genocide
Wesley Crichlow

Making Decisions About Non-Sexual Boundary Behaviour
James Gripton, Mary Valentich

Therapeutic Factors in Groups for Abusive Spouses: A Review of Research
Jocelyn Lindsay, Daniel Turcotte, Lyse Montminy, Valérie Roy

Foster Parent Satisfaction in Nova Scotia
Catherine A. Cashen

Volume 4 Autumn 2002 Number 1

Jesse Taft and the Functional School: the Impact of our History
Rich Furman

Determining the Value of Alcoholics Anonymous
Rick Csiernik

Maintaining the Continuum of Care: Arguing for Community-Based Residential Addiction Teatment Programs
Rich Csiernik

Reducing the Risk of Psychosocial Problems for Children who are Deaf and Their Parents
Anne Toth

Outcomes of the Nationam Meeting of Canadian Researchers in the Field of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Two-Spirit People's Health
Bill Ryan, Shari Brotman, Leah Malowaniec

Building Bridges: Perspectives from the Filed
Judith Belle Brown, Mary Lou Karley, Sharon Vitali

Coping with and Adapting to Age-Related Vision Loss
David Kolker

Refugee Claimants and Social Work Practice: Towards Deceloping a New Knowledge Base
Marie Lacroix

Prevention of STDs and HIV at École de la Rue: The Case of Québec City's Maison Dauphine
Lise Binet, Lina Noël, Germain Trottier

Volume 3 Winter 2001 Number 2

The Practice of Field Work: What Social Work Students Actually Do in the Field
Rick Csiernik

The Importance of Professional Ethics Education to Early Social Work Practice
Karen E. Faith, Linda Muzzin

People Who are Hard to Serve, or Services that are Hard to Access?
Val Lougheed

A Support Group to Prevent Burnout in the Workplace
Sonia Pouliot, Alice Home

Mothers Perceptions of the Parent Buddy Progeam: A Program for Parents of Very Preterm, Hospitalized Infants
Michele Preyde, Frida Ardal, Marianne Bracht

Liability for Child Welfare Social Workers: Weighing the Risks
Cheryl Regehr, Marvin M. Bernstein, Karima Kanani

The Essentiel Structure of the Caring Relationship Between a Client and a Home Support Worker
Sherry L. Regula

Social Work in Canada: Results from the National Sector Study
Glen Schmidt, Anne Westhues, Jean Lafrance, Alan Knowles

Marguerite Mathieu: Social Work Pioneer in Quebec, Canada, and the World In Conversation with Gilles Rondeau

In Search of a Good Society: A Turning Point
Bill Kirwin

Volume 3 Autumn 2003 Number 1

Community Intervention and Networks as Aids Prevention Strategy
Paula Goltzman

Sharing Lessons Learned from the Development of Non-Governmental HIV/AIDS Networks in Belarus and Canada: A Community-Based Response to HIV/AIDS
Marc-André Leblanc, Irina Mironova, Bill Ryan

HIV/AIDS: A Time for Self-Evaluation in Social Work
Pierre Berthelot

Relationships Between Income Level and Healthcare, Social Well-Being and Mental Health Among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
Claude Olivier

In the Eye of the Beholder: Reflections on HIV, Structural Violence and the Durban Conference
Bobbie Boland

HIV/AIDS and Aging: Implications for Social Work with Older Caregivers
Michael J. MacLean, Chris Clapp

HIV Counseling in Namibia: The Need for Community-Centred Initiatives
Kate Reeve, Scholastika Iipinge

Post-Traumatic Growth in HIV/AIDS Caregivers in Québec
Susan Cadell

Voices of Social Work Practice: Reflections on the Social Work Manifeston on HIV/AIDS
Leah Malowaniec, William Rowe, Eugenia Repetur Moreno, John Mould

Volume 2 Autumn 2000 Number 2

Reclaiming Community: Shaping the Social Work Agenda
Ken Barter

Psychological Distress in Recently Widowed Women: A Brief Note
Karin M. Buchanan

Enhancing Social Work Students' confidence to Listen To Foreign-Accented Speech
Tracey Derwing, Marion Rossiter, and David Hannis

Differential Analysis of Adolescent Heartbreak: Do Males and Females React Differently?
Marie Drolet, Isabelle Lafleur, and Germain Trottier

Learning Cultural Adaptation Through International Social Work Training
Michel Dubois and Antoine-L. Ntetu

Student and Field Instructor Perceptions of a Child Welfare Competency-Based Education and Training Project
Rick Csiernik, Sharon Vitali, and Ken Gordon

Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada: An Overview
Clare Hargreave and Rick Csiernick

Vocational Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers: A Challenge
Pauline Morissette and Marie-Josée De Montigny

HIV/AIDS, Foster Care, and Recruitment: What Does the Literature Say?
Brenda L. Romans

Permanency Planning: Changes in Agency Structure Can Make It Work Better
Carol Cumming Speirs, Sydney Duder, Anne Carin, Joanne Lacroix, and Claudette Maybew

Social Workers and Homelessness: an Alberta Case Study
Lana M. Wells

Cases or Citizens? Viewing Child Welfare Through a Different Lens
Brian Wharf

Child Welfare Client Complexity Profiles: A Vehicle for Planning Effective Interventions and Policies
Patrick Holland and Kevin M. Gorey

An Interview with Dr. David Woodsworth, Emeritus Professor of Social Work, McGill Univeristy Dr. William Rowe

Volume 1 Autumn 1999 Number 1

Still on Their Own: Former Crown Wards Struggle to Obtain Birth Information
Philip Burge

Survey of Children and Families Served by a Children's Aid Society in Southwestern Ontario: Preliminary Validation of Casw Complexity Measures
Patrick Holland, Kevin M. Gorey

A Personal Reflection: The Social Gospel and the Canadian Social Work Code of Ethics
Arnold Kruger

Strengthening the Alliance Between Academics and Social Workers in Health Care: A Plea to the Ivory Tower
Ron Levin and Margot. Herbert

Social Work and the Provision of Health Care and Social Services to Sexual Minority Population
Nick Mulé

Secondary Trauma in Sexual Assault Crisis Work: Implications for Therapists and Therapy
Cheryl Regehr, Susan Cadell

Adequacy of the Shelter Allowance: A Comparison of Social Assistance Recipients in Windsor, Ontario, Before and After Provincial Budget Cuts
Keith Taylor, Kevin Gorey, Forest C. Hansen, Bruno Ierullo, James Chacko

Moving Off Welfare: A Saskatchewan Experiment
L. Thériault

Impact of Child Placement
G, Tremblay

Creativity: An Overview and Framework for the Social Work Practitioner
Linda M. Turner

Social Work, Corrections and the Strengths Approach
Katherine van Wormer, Mary Boes