For more than 35 years, Ms. Milliken has ably served the profession of Social Work in a variety of capacities, most notably as a professor at the University of Manitoba Inner City Social Work program for the past 25 years. Prior to that, Eveline worked as a clinician in the areas of northern medical services, family practice, child welfare and adult mental health. Through her varied practice, Eveline has guided many Social Work students along their professional path and has demonstrated an exceptional capacity to meet the needs of her students. She has won several awards for outstanding teaching and is admired by her colleagues has a genuine, caring, dedicated and ethical Social Worker. Eveline has also contributed to the academic community through her research on Cultural Safety, a theoretical framework that supports respect, trust and inclusion – critical issues for practice in a diverse society.

Eveline Milliken has contributed greatly to her community, particularly in the downtown core area of Winnipeg where the U of M Inner City Social Work campus is located. She may be best known for her teaching skills but has also made her mark as a researcher, clinical Social Worker and member of the diverse Manitoba Social Work community.

Eveline was a long-time member of the Manitoba Association of Social Workers and continues as a Registered Social Worker within the Manitoba Institute of Registered Social Workers. She has been a strong supporter of the organization and of its pursuit of mandatory regulation for Social Work in Manitoba. She has served on the MIRSW Board of Directors since 2008 and participated as a member of both the MIRSW Licensing and Complaints Committees in recent years.

It is a privilege to recommend Eveline Milliken for this award.