Through the generosity of BMS, the broker for the CASW liability insurance program, sponsorship funds are available to be awarded to members of Partners organizations/ affiliated individual members of CASW to participate in national or international conferences that promote the profession and/or advance issues of social justice.

CASW Sponsorship is limited consequently and is not intended to support professional continuing development opportunities for social workers to meet the requirements of registration in each province and territory. Please refer to the below CASW Sponsorship Criteria prior to applying.

All awarding of the CASW SPONSORSHIP will be approved by the CASW Board on the advice of the Executive Director.


  • Activity must be consistent with the mission of CASW.
  • Recipient is a member in good standing of his/her Partner organization or with CASW.
  • This sponsorship will not be awarded to the same individual more than once.
  • The recipient will not presently be or have been a CASW Board Member within the past two years.
  • The successful applicant will agree to write a short article that is consistent with the mission of CASW.
  • CASW Partner organizations will be aware when sponsorship has been awarded to one of their membership. Applications will be accepted directly from applicants and from Partner organizations.

An eligible sponsorship activity MUST:

  • Be a national or international conference, congress, convention, symposium, forum, summit, etc.;
  • Have an identified social justice focus, clearly described in the application materials; AND/OR
  • Through participation by the applicant, promote the profession of social work as clearly described in the application materials.

A sponsorship activity may NOT:

  • Be a class, course or training required by an employer.
  • Be professional continuing education with the primary goal of advancing a specific practice and/or leading to professional certification.

 Process for Selection

  • BMS/CASW Sponsorship is limited and will be awarded on an ongoing basis.
  • The CASW Board will determine the number and amount of the sponsorships.
  • Only in special circumstances, at the CASW Board’s discretion, there will be a sponsorship exceeding $1,500.00.

Sponsorship Form

 *All applicants will receive written acknowledgement of the status of their application.