Date and Location
Tuesday November 19, 2024 to Friday November 22, 2024
Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to the 10th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health (10th ICSWHMH). From Tuesday 19 – Friday 22 November 2024 in Melbourne, this hybrid event will bring together more than 600+ national and international delegates from across the globe.

The Conference aspires to cultivate strong connections among social workers and professional associations worldwide. AASW recognises the pivotal role of social workers and allied health professionals and, with a focus on a shared commitment to social work practice, social justice and human rights, this event is a unique opportunity for practitioners, academics, researchers, and students to come together in the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The Conference will cover a breadth of topics, including mental health, private practice, child, youth & family services, disability management, leadership, family dynamics, domestic & gendered violence, counselling & therapy, aged care, child protection, addiction, alcohol, social justice & human rights & equality, climate change, and sustainability, among others.

Whether in-person or online, Conference attendees will have the opportunity to exchange information on the current challenges and trends in the sectors, network and build relationships, tap into peer insights from industry leaders and review the newest services and products on the market – all while delving into the heart of social work in health and mental health.

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