National Resources

As the national professional association, CASW's role extends to advocacy on the federal level for the inclusion and protection of the social work profession in regards to the emerging legislation. CASW is not a regulatory body and does offer practice guidelines specific to MAiD. For specific information, consult your provincial regulatory body


CASW successfully advocated for the explicit inclusion of social workers for protection in the Criminal Code of Canada on the issue of Medical Assistance in Dying. The Criminal Code now states: 

“(5.1) For greater certainty, no social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, medical practitioner, nurse practitioner or other health care professional commits an offence if they provide information to a person on the lawful provision of medical assistance in dying.”


  • To watch a video of CASW's advocacy efforts at the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, click here.
  • To read CASW's Discussion Paper on Medical Assistance in Dying, click here.
  • To read the full text of Bill C-14, the legislation that brought about medical assistance in dying, click here
  • To read CASW's 2015 Statement of Principles on Physician-Assisted Dying, click here.
  • To read information from the Government of Canada on Medical Assistance in Dying, click here.
  • To contact a Bioethics Centre near you, click here. 
  • To view video vignettes related to MAiD, click here. **
  • To learn more about Professional Liability Insurance and why you may require it, click here
  • To watch CASW's webinar on the topic, click here. Please note that you can still register to watch after the live event. 

Provincial Social Work Resources

To view social work guidelines/resources from social work regulatory bodies, see below. Not all provincial regulatory bodies have chosen to comment on MAiD; please note that MAiD now a legal health-care option. 

Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers Guidance on Medical Assistance in Dying

Manitoba College of Social Workers Medical Assistance in Dying Information Sheet

Alberta College of Social Workers Medical Assistance in Dying Information Sheet

Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Social Workers -- Medical Assistance in Dying: What Social Workers Need to Know

Ontario College of Social Workers -- Medical Assistance in Dying: Guidance for Members

Nova Scotia College of Social Workers: MAiD from a Regulatory Lens

l’Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec 


Provincial Government Resources -
Click here to see a comprehensive list of all provincial/territorial contact information


Other Helpful Resources

University Health Network Medical Assistance in Dying Portal**

  • This portal contains video vignettes and other resources for clinicians and patients. 


** CASW is not affiliated to the UHN and does not officially endorse this content by providing a link to their resources.