Promoting yourself and building a professional network are crucial for growing a successful private mental health practice. The thought of promoting your private practice can be overwhelming. As counselors, you might not feel completely at ease with the idea of selling your services, and the idea of promoting yourself might make you break out into a cold sweat. Whether you took Marketing 101 or not, getting your business noticed is difficult. In addition, the standards of practice demand high ethical standards and require RSWs to focus on providing information and education in their promotional activities. Bear in mind that this doesn’t mean that your promotional activities or materials should be dry.  It has been proven that stories are more effective than information and data when it comes to engaging others. Think about how you can use stories to get others excited about what social work practice has to offer, and use them whenever you are:

This section offers some strategies on how to connect with people so they get to know about you and the services you offer.