Sixth Biennial Championing Public Health Nutrition - Feeding the Future

Monday October 1, 2018 to Tuesday October 2, 2018
Ottawa, ON


Three dozen outstanding health experts, advocates, policy-makers, and journalists will convene in Ottawa for our Biennial Championing Public Health Nutrition, including adding even more speakers to the program in the coming weeks. 

Speakers will cover the inside stories on:

  • investigative journalism about food, nutrition, and health;
  • front-of-pack nutrition labelling;
  • efforts to create a national school food program; 
  • updates to Canada's Food Guide;
  • the new national food policy for Canada;
  • health-promoting consumption taxes;
  • pharmacare and disease prevention; and
  • much more.


For questions, please contact: Telephone 1-613-565-2140 or

To register, visit: