Wednesday July 15, 2020 to Saturday July 18, 2020
Calgary, AB
SWSD2020 will be a different kind of conference. We invite your input on the future of social work and the world.  This conference is about dialogue, sharing and collaboration. It’s going to be a conference about really listening. The dialogue starts right now, with the way we solicit contributions to the conference. While research remains a crucial part of what we do, we want to go deeper. We want to capture different kinds of contributions. 
SWSD2020 will learn from Indigenous elders, global leaders, educators, those who use social services, and social workers from around the world. Together we’ll learn about new breakthroughs, promising new approaches and how we can act together to strengthen social work solutions to local and global problems. In short the conference will capture the heart and soul of social work around the globe.
Rather than just the usual call for papers, SWSD2020 is making a call for contributions. You’ll find new ways of sharing in our submission tool, including Indigenous elder-led sessions aimed at bringing a new perspective and wisdom to social work. We’re also creating new “10-minute talks” which will allow you to share a “Ted Talk” style presentation on your research, or on a subject that you’re passionate about.
This commitment to dialogue will be reflected in the organization of the conference which will privilege new spaces to collaborate, new ways of sharing and new approaches to generating dialogue. Of course, the goal is to capture as much of your input as possible so we can create a living and breathing Social Work Agenda for the coming decade that reflects the concerns, interests, hopes, dreams and vision of social workers around the globe.