Two seniors sit on a park bench facing each other and chat.
Webinar event date: 
Jul 13, 2022 11:00 am EDT
Webinar Presenters: 

Presenter Karen Blair is co-founder of Canada's Great Kitchen Party, a social enterprise created to celebrate excellence in Canadian food, sport and music. With a background in education and a passion for social change, Karen is a volunteer with the Greater Toronto Area Chapter of Dying with Dignity Canada and is honoured to be a part of a curious and passionate group committed to educating the public on MAID. 

Dr. Barbara Bresver: After 40 years in private practice, psychologist Barbara has followed her interest in bereavement and grief. She has acted as a witness for those requesting MAID and is on the executive of the Toronto GTA chapter of DWDC where she works with people exploring their Advance Care Plans.


This session empowers people and their caregivers by helping them plan for serious injury, illness and end-of-life. In the presentation viewers will learn:

  • the what, why and when of Advance Care Planning;
  • how to select a substitute decision maker; and
  • the process of creating an Advance Care Plan.