Webinar event date: 
Oct 11, 2022 11:00 am EDT
Webinar Presenters: 

Amanda Martin, CEPF (Certified Educator in Personal Finance)

As a Financial Educator with the Credit Counselling Society, Amanda applies her 11+ years of experience in the financial sector to develop and present impactful financial wellness webinars and programs. By connecting workplaces and communities to financial education and resources, Amanda strives to create opportunities for people to learn and grow their financial knowledge and wellness. Amanda brings practical, firsthand knowledge with a relatable approach to her discussions about money, drawing on her background in social services, mortgage lending and collections. Amanda is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF), a licensed Ontario Mortgage Agent and a Certified Addictions and Community Services Worker.


Mind Your Money Series – Session 1: Psychology of Spending – Be An Informed Consumer

Have you ever wondered why you decided to buy a particular item or why you chose one brand over the other?  When it comes to getting consumers to make purchases, marketers have spent countless dollars and hours towards understanding human behaviour. Participants will learn about various marketing techniques and strategies to resist temptation. 

Join us for our Mind Your Money – The Psychology of Spending webinar to learn some valuable information about marketing techniques and strategies to resist temptation. In the session, you will learn: 

  • How marketers influence our emotions to encourage buying; 
  • How technology leads us to overspend; 
  • Different sales methods retailers use with in person and virtual stores; 
  • How pricing impacts our likelihood to purchase an item; 
  • Ways our friends and family can influence our spending; and 
  • Strategies to become self-aware protect ourselves from marketing tactics! 

A newfound sense of awareness into the psychology of money can allow participants to become informed consumers who are less likely to buy impulsively or to spend more money without realizing it. 

This interactive and fun workshop and we take a “grab and go” approach – grab an idea or two and go try it.  All participants will walk away with ideas, resources, and the full curriculum upon request.