Webinar event date: 
Nov 11, 2020 1:00 pm EST

As with the Covid-19 pandemic, we do not have an immediate cure at hand for the pandemic of anti-Black Racism. For over three decades, Canadians have been stuck in a phase 1 “clinical trial” attempting to address systemic racism, with the data reflecting little statistical change for the betterment of Black Canadians. The legacy of anti-Black racism lies in the current social, economic, and political marginalization of Canadians of African descent. It is experienced as a lack of opportunity, poor health and mental health outcomes, poor education outcomes, higher rates of precarious employment and unemployment, significant poverty, and overrepresentation in the criminal justice, mental health, and child welfare systems. These realities have become politicized, tokenized, and manipulated have caused an increase of cognitive dissonance when it comes to addressing anti-Black racism. So how do we comb through the weeds?


In this webinar, Jade Byward Peek will review data and research, and engage in storytelling to present solutions discussed by young black voices as part of a consultation conducted by Wisdom2Action and Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute with Black youth earlier this year. Peek will consider how to build muscle memory around anti-Black racism and identify key areas of growth for social services that everyone can participate in.