On the Road to Universal Basic Income: The Crucial Role of Social Workers


Webinar Presenters

James P. Mulvale, MSW. PhD, RSW
Dr. Jim Mulvale is an Associate Professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Manitoba.  He has published extensively on the question of universal basic income, and teaches social policy courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Before undertaking academic work, Jim worked in community development positions in the fields of developmental disability and community mental health.

Universal basic income (UBI) has the potential to transform our income security system and reduce poverty substantially.  Social workers, more than any other profession, can speak to the real-life consequences of poverty and economic precarity.  Social workers can also assume a leadership role in work towards a UBI as a key part of renewed public programs that could equip Canadian society to weather ongoing and future public health, environmental and other crises.  This webinar explores what social workers are doing, and what work still must be undertaken, to build a just, equitable and sustainable society that includes a secure economic floor upon which we can all stand.