Webinar event date: 
Jun 27, 2022 2:00 pm EDT
Webinar Presenters: 

My name is Guy Carriere, and I am an outreach coordinator with the Come to Work program at CNIB. I hold a BSW from Laurentian University and I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers. I have a strong series of experiences in the community working with persons with disabilities. I strive to promote equality and success for all persons, regardless of circumstances. As much as the country is working towards inclusion, we must not forget to promote inclusion in the workplace. People with sight loss are just as knowledgeable and competitive as their able-bodied counterparts. Not only do we need to work on making things accessible for clients and patrons, but we must also ensure these same guidelines for skilled individuals seeking work. I believe that we must collaborate to affect change in attitudinal barriers for persons with sight loss. The CNIB strives to promote inclusivity as we live, play and especially work.


CNIB’s Come to Work program is a national initiative that focuses on boosting participation in the world of work for people living with sight loss through innovative workshops, 1-1 assistance, mentorship, and building strong partnerships with employers and associations. Many individuals who are blind or are living with vision loss have been educated in the field of human services, with many focusing on Social Work degrees and diplomas. Upon completing their education many have not been able to secure employment. This presentation will provide information on some myths and misconceptions around hiring individuals with sight loss as well as providing creative solutions to managing many of the barrier’s employers have identified. We will also discuss the case for inclusive hiring of individuals with sight loss and how it will have an impact in the field, as well as within specific agencies. We will also cover some general information on working with people with vision loss, and some suggestions to make your spaces more inclusive.  The information provided in this presentation specific to the Social Work field was collected through participation in two focus groups of our talent pool members sharing their experiences and suggestions.