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Mental Health with Elementary Age Students
Nov 12, 2020 1:00 pm EST

In this session individuals will discuss and unpack mental health challenges emerging in elementary aged youth. After reviewing startling facts and statistics, we will engage in meaningful discussion regarding the reasons for this rise, how this may manifest itself in the child, the implications on the individual’s mental health as they grow older, and how we as teachers, counsellors and concerned communities can defeat this trend. We will uncover the effectiveness of such ideas as play therapy, relationship building, emotional control and the effect of the information highway on brains still in development. When we leave this session we will have some practical ideas on how to assist younger individuals and their families with increasing their positive mental health. 

Muscle Memory: Countering Anti-Black Racism in Youth Social Services
Nov 11, 2020 1:00 pm EST

As with the Covid-19 pandemic, we do not have an immediate cure at hand for the pandemic of anti-Black Racism. For over three decades, Canadians have been stuck in a phase 1 “clinical trial” attempting to address systemic racism, with the data reflecting little statistical change for the betterment of Black Canadians. The legacy of anti-Black racism lies in the current social, economic, and political marginalization of Canadians of African descent. It is experienced as a lack of opportunity, poor health and mental health outcomes, poor education outcomes, higher rates of precarious employment and unemployment, significant poverty, and overrepresentation in the criminal justice, mental health, and child welfare systems. These realities have become politicized, tokenized, and manipulated have caused an increase of cognitive dissonance when it comes to addressing anti-Black racism. So how do we comb through the weeds?


In this webinar, Jade Byward Peek will review data and research, and engage in storytelling to present solutions discussed by young black voices as part of a consultation conducted by Wisdom2Action and Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute with Black youth earlier this year. Peek will consider how to build muscle memory around anti-Black racism and identify key areas of growth for social services that everyone can participate in.

Ethical challenges for social workers during COVID-19: A global perspective
Nov 4, 2020 3:30 pm EST

Social workers are struggling with the impacts of the global pandemic and the ethical implications for their work. This webinar will share results from a world-wide research project on these ethical challenges during COVID-19. Canada had the largest number of respondents of any country, evidence of the importance for professionals in this country for addressing the exacerbation of ethical dilemmas they are experiencing. Six themes of ethical challenges emerged. These will be outlined in the presentation. Commonalities and differences around the world will be addressed. Examples of participants’ struggles will be offered, both from Canada and globally. There will be discussion of the emotional toll of these situations on social workers. The talk will close with lessons learned, implications for the future of the profession, and recommendations for policy and practice. I will afford opportunities for dialogue from Canadian workers about their own experiences during the webinar. 


Webinar Key Objectives:


• To highlight six major ethical challenges for both Canadian and social workers globally during the pandemic

• To offer a snapshot of the specific experiences of actual workers in Canada and worldwide regarding this global crisis 

• To provide support and strategies that workers can employ around possible responses to the ethical challenges 

• To foster a sense of community and reduce isolation at a time while we are all experiencing a global trauma 


Brief Intro to Borderline Personality Disorder for Child Protection Staff
Nov 2, 2020 1:00 pm EST

Objectives:  to inform child protection staff (on all teams, including Family Support Workers) of key introductory issues in understanding the diagnosis and traits, as well as provide concrete suggestions for managing clients suffering from this personality disorder.

Help is on the Line: Incorporating Technology into Therapy
Oct 28, 2020 11:00 am EDT

This session will provide a general overview of research on telehealth services, highlighting the use, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of telephone and internet-based counselling. Particular attention will be paid to how technology can be used to provide more equitable services to marginalized populations within Nova Scotia. Following that will be a description of current programs offered by TeleHealth's Mental Health and Addictions team (Gambling Support Network and Tobacco Free Nova Scotia), highlighting strengths and challenges associated with this delivery model. The discussion will be situated within the Social Work Code of Ethics, covering how we can ensure services promote inherent dignity, social justice, and confidentiality for all of those involved. Finally, we will delve into an exploration of future directions in the relationship between technology and therapy, including what other areas of social work practice might benefit from incorporating these methods to reduce barriers to services.


Webinar Key Objectives:

  • Describe key points about historical and contemporary telehealth services
  • Identify the services offered through Nova Scotia’s TeleHealth Mental Health and Addictions Program
  • Discuss future directions of telehealth in Nova Scotia and across Canada
Advance Care Planning & Social Work in Canada - Part 2: Action Planning
Oct 27, 2020 1:30 pm EDT


PART 2: Action Planning. What now? 


Make sure you watch Part 1 of this two-part webinar series with the CASW and Fraser Health Authority!


Part 1:;F:QS!10100&S...


Social workers scope, & skill set - whether supporting people in private practice, community services, corrections or health care - lends itself for us to be leaders in Advance Care Planning. Join us as we learn about the importance of planning in advance for future health care – for ourselves, & our clients. Through this interactive series, you will be supported to create action plans and advocate for social work leadership.


Webinar Key Objectives:

Create action plans for yourself, your practice, your organization and/or professional association


6-week Course - Protecting Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Adapting Child Protection Programming
Oct 26, 2020 11:45 am EDT

Learn how to adapt child protection programming to support the wellbeing and development of vulnerable children during COVID-19. This course will equip experienced child protection practitioners with the skills to implement evidence-based crisis response and prevention strategies to protect vulnerable children during the evolving COVID-19 crisis.

Using Family Diagrams for Expanding Context and Informing Diagnosis
Oct 21, 2020 1:00 pm EDT

This webinar will show how placing symptoms in their family/ social context informs diagnostic work and treatment directions in various clinical settings. We will describe how to construct a family diagram, a tool for assessing and recording significant contextual information.


Webinar Summary:

  • Brief outline of Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) a practice-based framework that moves beyond the cause and effect thinking that pervades the clinical arena at this time.  Highlight specific concepts that support social workers' practice.
  • Describe and reflect on the construction of a family diagram, a skill for exploring a client's social relationships across time.


IFCO Conference and Webinar series
Oct 14, 2020 3:15 pm EDT

The IFCO webinar series brings together an exciting mix of content originally planned for the Close Ties conference in Montreal (Canada) which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series profiles initiatives that help children and youth in care to thrive through the creation of significant relationships and a sense of belonging to family, community and culture. The program includes both an English and French webinar offering. Running from September 16th 2020 to April 14th 2021.

Peers are doing it for themselves - DATE: November, 18 2020

IInuit Qaujimajatuqangit - DATE: December, 2 2020


Belonging in a world of care - DATE: Feburary, 3 2021


Making a difference for LGBTQ2S+ children and young people in foster care - DATE: Feburary, 24 2021


Skill-building workshop for working with and supporting LGBTQ+ youth - DATE: March, 17 2021


Othermothers and otherfathers: Using Africenticity in child welfare - DATE: April, 14 2021


DfA's 6-part Poverty Policy Webinar Series
Oct 11, 2020 11:00 am EDT

Poverty is a complex, multifaceted issue that requires a comprehensive and intersectional approach.


In the week leading up to October 17, Dignity for All will engage members of civil society and government representatives in a series of webinars, offered in collaboration with Leading in Colour and other partners, to dig deeper into issues, experiences, and recommendations related to poverty in Canada. These webinars will point people to our calls to action (letters to MPs, letters to local media, e-rally registration) and engage people from a variety of sectors in support of our shared goals.


Visit Leading in Colour, Poverty Talks! and Tamarack Institute for specific webinar details and registration.


At this time, our webinars are available in English only. Watch them HERE!


Part 1: Housing & Homelessness 

Part 2: Jobs & Employment 

Part 3: Food Security 

Part 4: Health

Part 5: Income Security 

Part 6: Early Childhood Education & Care