Webinar event date: 
mai 18, 2021 11:00 am EDT

Spirituality is a key component of the human experience and human identity. In this webinar, the panel of four members of the Canadian Society for Social Work and Spirituality will present an overview of relevancy of spiritualty to social work practice. Heather will present about children’s spirituality. Fiona will talk about the impact of religiosity and spirituality in addressing the mental health experiences of youth from an Afro- Caribbean background. Cassandra will speak about trans-species spirituality as both a faith in the interconnectedness of all things and people with the more than human world and as a radical activist praxis. Indrani’s presentation will concern meditation and trauma-informed practice and research.

Webinar Objectives 
• Review connections of spirituality and social work
• Introduce some areas of focus concerning spirituality and social work
• Define spirituality and religion
• Consider implications for social work practice