CASW Individual Membership Application

To qualify for the individual membership category with CASW you must have a degree from a university program accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education or a degree which is recognized by the provincial social work regulatory authority for the purpose of registration as a social worker (RSW). CASW individual memberships are available only to individuals living and working in provinces that do not have a Partner Organization in the CASW Federation (Ontario and Québec).
Contact information / Coordonnées
Employment information
Regulatory Status
By signing this declaration, the applicant confirms that all information provided in this application is factual and truthful. The applicant hereby gives CASW permission to contact current and previous regulatory jurisdictions for information regarding regulatory status. Further, the applicant authorizes CASW to verify the educational and employment information filled in above. By applying, members agree to uphold and abide by the CASW Code of Ethics for social workers.