CASW Social Work Scope of Practice

Social work practice reflects a balance of three components: practice perspectives; practice principles; and concrete practice provisions, i.e., specific guidelines. This document addresses all three of the practice components of social work, client and service support, as well as providing an overview of social work’s specific perspective and practice domains.

The purpose of the National Scope of Practice Statement (NSPS) is to foster a growing understanding of the social work profession. The NSPS is a reference for social workers, CASW member associations, students in social work, those served by social workers and the community at large to inform the public and promote an accountable, effective profession. The statement is prepared as a consultation document. It can be used in part or whole to assist in meeting the information needs of diverse audiences, including legislators and those served by social workers, who may require or prefer a plain language statement that briefly and concisely describes the scope of social work (Appendix 3).


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