The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) was founded in 1926 to monitor employment conditions and establish standards of practice within the profession of social work. It aimed to establish social work as a regulated profession and create a set of standards that would add accountability and protect social workers and their clients.

Since its inception, CASW has evolved to become the national association voice for the social work profession, with members representing 10 provincial and territorial partner organizations. By connecting members across the country, CASW empowers social workers to work together to uphold the principles of social justice and human rights, and to better serve the individuals, families and communities of Canada.

Role in injustices imposed on Indigenous people

We recognize the role of CASW in furthering discrimination towards Indigenous peoples in the past. CASW commits to continue to shift the narrative. To respect the inherent dignity and worth of all persons as we reflect on the past and commit to the ongoing process of reconciliation.

In 2019, CASW released a statement of apology and commitment to reconciliation. Since then, we have updated guiding documents to ensure they reflect and uphold updated social policy principles. These include the 10 guiding principles the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada considers necessary for reconciliation.

Moving forward, CASW commits to reach out to Indigenous communities to learn their perspectives as we navigate this journey together.

Click here to read the full CASW Statement of Apology and Commitment to Reconciliation.