2021 Pre-Budget Submission Standing Committee on Finance

CASW welcomes the opportunity to participate in the 2021 pre-budget submissions and is deeply encouraged by the leadership role that the Government of Canada has demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hopeful that this government will take the opportunity presented by the unprecedented and challenging time to set a bold course for the future.

RECCOMENDATIONS that the federal government:

1. Move swiftly to implement a Universal Basic Income Guarantee to ensure Canadians receive the support required during and post COVID-19;

2. Implement student loan forgiveness for social workers that practice in rural and remote communities to increase equitable care, decrease wait times, attract, and retain social workers in these communities;

3. Adopt a Social Care Act for Canada to guide social investments and increase government accountability and measure return on investment and;

4. Introduce a Mental Health Parity Act that affirms that mental health is valued equally to physical health. A Mental Health Parity Act will help ensure that communities’ and workplaces’ policies, programs, and benefits attend equally to mental and physical health. 


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