CASW Announces Appointment of New Co-Editors of Canadian Social Work

The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) is pleased to announce that Professor Nuelle Novik and Professor Glen Schmidt have been appointed Co-Editors of Canadian Social Work, the official journal of CASW, published in October of each year.

Dr. Novik is a is an Associate Professor with the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina, and a Registered Social Worker in the province. She has been actively involved with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers for many years, and prior to that, served as the President of ASWNC (Association of Social Workers in Northern Canada) for five years. She also served as a Board Member of CASW from 1998-2001. Currently, her research and writing is focused on older adults and the aging process, rural and remote practice, mental health, food security, and end-of-life care. Novik continues to practice social work, and works as a contract counsellor at Family Service Regina on a part-time basis. She has presented a number of papers at academic conferences nationally and internationally, and frequently facilitates local practice-based workshops.   

Dr. Schmidt is a Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia, with a special interested in northern and remote social work practice and issues such as the recruitment and retention of social workers, service delivery methods, and aspects of mental health and child welfare practice. Schmidt has previously served on the Board of the British Columbia Association of Social Workers, as well as the on the Board of the BC College of Social Workers, and the National Board of CMHA. Additionally, Schmidt is currently a member of the Commission on Accreditation for the Canadian Association of Social Work Education, and he also maintains his status as a Registered Clinical Social Worker in the province of BC.

Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Novik’s breadth of knowledge and experience, along with their commitment to the values and principles of the social work profession, will undoubtedly ensure the continued quality and vibrancy of the journal. The first edition of Canadian Social Work to be published under their leadership will appear in October 2016.