CASW has been active on many social policy and social action fronts, thanks to its affiliation as an organizational member of several national coalitions:


The Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada (CDPAC)


CDPAC is a network of Canada’s major national, provincial and territorial health organizations that have come together around the common cause of promoting healthy living for the prevention of non-communicable diseases.


Click here to read the CDPAC 2022 Pre-budget Submission



Organizations for Health Action (HEAL)  


The members of the Organizations for Health Action are committed to sustaining and enhancing the health of Canadians and in the continuous improvement of fair, equitable, efficient and effective health services and system(s). As active participants in the development and implementation of our health system(s) we commit to these guiding principles for health and health care in Canada.


Click here to read the HEAL 2022 Pre-budget Submission




Quality End-of-Life Care Coalition of Canada (QELCCC) 


The QELCCC works to improve end-of-life care for all Canadians by focusing on the following pursuits:

1. Ensure all Canadians have access to high quality hospice palliative end-of-life care.

2. Enhance the level of support family caregivers receive.

3. Improve the quality and consistency of hospice palliative end-of-life care in Canada.

4. Encourage Canadians to discuss and plan for end-of-life.


Click here to read the QELCCC 2022 Pre-budget Submission


The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH)


The Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) is a non-profit organization comprised of health care providers as well as organizations which represent individuals with lived experience of mental illness. Established in 1998, CAMIMH is a volunteer run organization that provides mental health education to the public. A fundamental objective of CAMIMH is to engage Canadians in a national conversation about mental illness. By starting this conversation, CAMIMH hopes to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and provide insight into the services and support available to those living with mental illness.


Click here to read the CAMIMH 2022 Pre-budget Submission



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