CASW Seeking Qualified Applicants for Code of Ethics Revision

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL: Code of Ethics & Guidelines for Ethical Practice 


Founded in 1926, the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) has evolved into a national voice with a dual mandate to support the profession of social work and advance issues of social justice. On a national level, CASW has adopted a pro-active approach to issues pertinent to social policy/social work. CASW maintains the national Code of Ethics and companion Guidelines for Ethical Practice that serve as a standard for the profession.

CASW is a national federation with nine provincial and territorial Partner Organizations and individual affiliate memberships available in Ontario and Quebec.

Quick Sketch:

Since 1926, CASW has provided national leadership in the development of the social work profession in Canada. In this regard, the national Code of Ethics has evolved through different iterations that have formed the foundational principles and values enshrined in provincial and territorial legislation that hold the profession accountable to the public.

The last major revision of the CASW Code of Ethics was completed in 2005 under the leadership of Beverley Antle. The CASW Board and federation partners have made the revision of the current Code of Ethics and companion Guidelines for Ethical Practice a strategic priority. The expectation is that the revision process be grounded in the principles of truth and reconciliation.  

The successful applicant will be supported by a CASW Board Committee empowered to deliver the project within the established timeframe and budget. The CASW Executive Director will be the primary contact; acting as the conduit to the CASW Board Committee and Federation partners.

The project is envisioned to be completed over 2 years and in 3 phases:

Phase 1:           Comparative Analysis

Phase 2:           Consultation & Revision

Phase 3:           Final Consultation & Final Draft Delivery 

Scope, Deliverables and Timeline:

The scope of this RFP is to provide the CASW Board and federation Partner Organizations with new Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Ethical Practice for their consideration of adoption.





Phase 1:

Comparative Analysis

(October 2018 to March 2019)


  • Comparative analysis of national and international resources of Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Ethical Practice and other relevant guidelines for practice. Emphasis on Indigenous resources.
  • Recommendations for proceeding with next project Phases.


Phase 2:

Consultation & Revision

(March 2019 to January 2020)


  • Member online and key stakeholder consultations based on Phase 1 recommendations including:

-          Soliciting input from community and clients on how the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Ethical Practice impacts their experiences with the profession.

-          Formally consulting CASW Partner Organizations Board/Councils and relevant provincial and territorial Code, Guideline and Scope of Practice Committees.

-          Providing meaningful opportunities for Indigenous social service organisations, committees, and individuals to consult; embracing reconciliation in our values and operations.

-          Providing opportunities for formal consultation with the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE) and the Canadian Council of Social Work Regulators (CCSWR).

  • Consultation and update to CASW federation on progress at June 2019 Annual Joint meetings required.


Phase 3:

Final Consultation and Final Draft Delivery

(January 2020 to June 2020)



  • Final consultations as required 
  • Presentation and approval of final Draft at June 2020 Annual Joint meetings



Please provide a cost proposal to accomplish the Scope, Deliverables and Timeline as outlined. The budget must encompass the design and implementation necessary for all research, surveying and consultation required for the redrafting/visioning of the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Ethical Practice.

Applications for each Phase of the project will be considered however applicant’s/firms that submit for all Phases of the project will be granted higher priority.

The total budget for the work is not to exceed $90,000. This total budget includes all professional fees, out-of-pocket expenses, any travel deemed necessary by the applicants, and GST/HST.


Applicants with Canadian social work experience and demonstrated understanding of the association role will be given priority. The ability to provide substantive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders is essential.

The successful applicant/s must be able to work (read, write, consult stakeholders) in both official languages. If all team members are not fully bilingual, please provide details as to how the team will make arrangements to address this. 

The background of those individuals (i.e., both solo and team applicants) who will be submitting an RFP is crucial. Preference will be given to those with social work ethics experience and/or individuals who have a demonstrated combination of Indigenous professional experience/ knowledge.

Approach and Methods:

The successful applicant(s) will work closely with CASW to identify the scope of the work and key milestones. The principle audience for the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Ethical Practice are social workers and social work students.

Proposal Requirements and Bidding Process:   

Potential candidates are asked to submit a maximum 20-page (using size 12 Times Roman font, double spaced) proposal providing information on the following:

  1. Proposed work plan and approach including an outline of timelines and associated milestones
  2. Team members (including appended CVs)
  3. Information about the organization through which the prospective consultant(s) would work (if applicable)
  4. A brief description of relevant experience, research or reports specific to the content area in this proposal, including evidence of work completed in both official languages
  5. Number of professional days and fees including out-of-pocket expenses (please note the effective per diem rate for the project); and
  6. Invoicing and payment schedule

CASW reserves the right not to accept the lowest or any bid proposal submitted through this process. Full or partial in-kind proposals are welcome.

The contractor may not use any of the information produced by this report for any other purpose unless written permission is given beforehand by CASW.

There will be no payments made to the consultants for the preparation and submission of proposals in response to this request.

The proposal will be assessed in the following areas:

  1. Knowledge and expertise
  2. Professional experience
  3. Profile

RFP Submission

All proposals are to be submitted by September 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM EST.

Please submit all proposals to:

Mr. Fred Phelps, Executive Director

Telephone: (613) 729-6668