The Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) offers a variety of opportunities for organizations and businesses to advertise and convey their message to the social work community in Canada.

All advertising is subject to the CASW’s approval.  CASW reserves the right to reject advertisements for any reason at any time. CASW is not liable for any alleged loss or damages if an advertisement is omitted for any reason. CASW reserves the right to indicate that an advertisement is paid communication.

Publication of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement or approval by the CASW of any product or services advertised, any point of view, standard, or opinion presented therein.  CASW is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement appearing in its publications, and/ or website. 

The placement of an advertising order constitutes an acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising is sold at that time.



1. Admail (standalone email)

Admail offers advertisers an opportunity to directly reach a national social work audience of approximately 24,500 that includes the membership of CASW’s ten Partner Organizations and affiliate individual members in Québec.

National advertisements only; the CASW Admail service will not be made available for province by province distribution. Publication is neither an endorsement of the advertiser, nor of the products, events, job opportunities or services advertised.

Content promoting events, services, or training must be evidence-based, grounded in social work principles and/or developed by the social work profession.

CASW reserves the right to reject requests for any reason, including operational needs.

Admail Cost: $1000 + (No administrative charge) + HST ($130) = $1130 CAD

The following criteria outline the requirements to benefit from the CASW Admail Service:

  • The Admail content must be approved by the Executive Director.

  • The advertisement must be within the content of an e-mail message; CASW will not send attachments.

  • The Admail is completed by CASW. No outside organization will be provided CASW membership lists.

  • Pre-payment is required and e-mailing will be scheduled based on CASW’s operational needs.

  • Maximum of three admails per year from the same advertiser, and each admail must be unique content.

Click here to upload Admail content with online payment

If you prefer to be invoiced for Admail, please contact us at or you may call toll-free 1-855-729-CASW (2279).  



2. Job Opportunities

Every classified ad is placed on the CASW website and linked to the CASW monthly e-newsletter that is circulated to approximately 24,500 social workers across Canada each month.

Our rates are $400 plus taxes for an initial 30-day posting.

Cost for an initial 30-day posting: $400 + HST ($52) = $452 CAD

If you would like your ad to be posted for a longer period, CASW requires a written request five business days prior to the end-date of your posting, at an additional charge of $275 plus taxes for every 30-days thereafter with no interruption and for the same ad.

Ads must be in PDF format.

Click here to upload Job Opportunity content with online payment (in Canada)

For Job Opportunity content outside of Canada, or if you prefer to be invoiced for Job Opportunities, please contact us at or you may call toll-free 1-855-729-CASW (2279).  



3. Coming Events

CASW strives to be a resource of information as an outreach medium and posting your event on the CASW Web site offers a quick and easy way to promote your event.

CASW offers for-profit businesses and organizations the opportunity to post events relevant to social work on the CASW Coming Events calendar for a nominal cost of $35 CAD plus HST.

All events must be national or international in scope and the maximum length of posting for each event is one year from date of receipt of payment.

For non-profit events, CASW offers free event posting relevant to social work on the CASW Coming Events calendar. All events must be national or international in scope, offered by a not-for-profit organization and received at least 1 and ½ months in advance of the event.

All events posted on the CASW Coming Events calendar are approved at the discretion of the CASW Executive Director.

Please contact or 1-855-729-CASW (2279) to submit your Coming Events requests. Once approved, CASW will post and invoice your organization directly.



4. Banner - CASW Reporter (Monthly E-Newsletter)

Banner at the bottom or middle (placement not guaranteed) of our monthly newsletter with your image including a selected hyperlink.  One sponsor per month. Size approximated 500 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. Most standard image formats accepted.

Maximum one banner ad per advertiser per year.

The CASW Reporter is circulated to our mailing list of approximately 24,500 social workers across Canada.  It is published at the beginning of each month.

Email banner Cost: $250 + HST ($82.50) = $282.50 CAD

Please contact or 1-855-729-CASW (2279) to submit your Banner request. Once approved, CASW will post and invoice your organization directly.