The Alberta Mentoring Partnership


Webinar event date

Dec 6, 2018 1:00 pm EST

Webinar Presenters

Michael Janz
Partner Engagement Manager

Michael Janz is the Alberta Mentoring Partnership's Partnership Engagement Manager. Michael has extensive experience in public policy, education, and mentoring. He also has experience with schools and non-profits, having served with numerous organizations including the Edmonton Public Library, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, and as elected Chair of the Edmonton Public School Board. Michael remains active in his community and will play an important role connecting AMP partners with great AMP resources. Got a question about @albertamentors, or are you looking for great mentoring resources? Connect with Michael at [email protected] or visit our website at

Fiona Tomic

Fiona is the Project Officer at the Child Welfare League of Canada; she will be moderating this presentation.



Do you want to start a mentoring program in your school or local community? Do you work with an existing mentoring program but you want to improve your outcomes? Do you support diverse cultural, indigenous, or new immigrant communities and are looking for information on culturally sensitive mentoring practices? 

Whether you want to make a difference in the life of a young person, connect with a mentoring organization near you, or strengthen your mentoring programs for youth, we can help. We combine innovative ideas with evidence-informed tools that we know work to make mentoring a positive factor in children’s lives.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) is a network of community mentoring agencies, government and youth working together to raise the profile of mentoring in Alberta. We exist to help schools and mentoring agencies meet the needs of the children and youth they serve.

By providing access to mentoring resources and toolkits, training materials, and research, AMP builds the capacity of school and agency partners to deliver great mentorship programming.

This webinar will provide an overview of the various tools and resources we have to offer to help you expand or enhance your mentoring program. We also have new online training opportunities for mentors and mentees we would like to showcase.