Connecting Canada’s Poverty Reduction Strategy with the field of Social Work


Webinar Presenters

Natalie Appleyard
Natalie Appleyard
Socio-Economic Policy Analyst
Citizens for Public Justice

Natalie Appleyard is the Socio-economic Policy Analyst for Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), an organization “inspired by faith to act for justice”. CPJ seeks to equip and mobilize communities and individuals across the country to advocate for just policies in the areas of poverty, refugee rights, and ecological justice. Natalie uses her background in education to help convene and share knowledge with a variety of stakeholders. She is a member of the Steering Committees for Campaign 2000 and the Canadian Poverty Institute and represents CPJ as a co-lead of the Dignity for All campaign.


Alexandra Zannis
Alexandra Zannis

Alexandra is the Social Policy and Communicatiions Coordinator at the Canadian Association of Social Workers.


Participants will come out of this webinar with a greater knowledge of key policy frameworks and recommendations to address poverty in Canada by considering both the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy, the new way to measure poverty in Canada and the work of anti-poverty advocates like you. We will explore the benefits and implications for those providing services in the social work field or conducting research, as well as opportunities for social workers to engage with the new official poverty line, systemic analysis and advocacy.
Key learnings:
  • Advocating from a human rights framework: justice vs charity
  • Key features of the Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy (CPRS)
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impact of the CPRS
  • Further recommendations for addressing poverty in Canada
  • Opportunities for advocacy