Creating a Social Work Understanding of Addiction


Webinar Presenters

Rick Csiernik, BSc, BSW, MSW, PhD, RSW, CACC


Rick Csiernik, Professor, School of Social Work, King's University College has written and edited fourteen books, including The Essential Guide to Psychoactive Drugs: A Guide For Counsellors, Homeless, Housing and Mental Health, Practising Social Work Research: Case Studies for Learning, The Drug Paradox, and Responding to the Oppression of Addiction.

He has authored over 200 peer reviewed articles and book chapters and has presented at over 200 conferences, workshops and seminars. He has been part of research teams that have received over 3.4 million dollars in funding and has been recipient of both the King's University College and McMaster University Continuing Education Teacher of the Year awards as well as the Hugh Mellon Excellence in Research Award.



So, what is the difference between dependency and addiction?  Is cannabis safer than opioids for pain or simply less potent?  Why can’t men and women consume equal amounts of alcohol without developing different levels of intoxication?  If your practice involves working with individuals who use psychoactive drugs or have addiction issues, and, like most Canadian social workers, were never required to take an addiction studies course during your studies, this webinar will be a good introduction to help you distinguish between the lies, half-lies, damn lies, and the occasional truth surrounding this complex area of interdisciplinary practice. 

Webinar Key Learnings:
•    Development of a holistic conceptualization of addiction
•    Knowledge about the actual affects of key psychoactive agents
•    Time to ask specific questions regarding drug interactions