Webinar event date: 
Oct 28, 2020 11:00 am EDT

This session will provide a general overview of research on telehealth services, highlighting the use, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of telephone and internet-based counselling. Particular attention will be paid to how technology can be used to provide more equitable services to marginalized populations within Nova Scotia. Following that will be a description of current programs offered by TeleHealth's Mental Health and Addictions team (Gambling Support Network and Tobacco Free Nova Scotia), highlighting strengths and challenges associated with this delivery model. The discussion will be situated within the Social Work Code of Ethics, covering how we can ensure services promote inherent dignity, social justice, and confidentiality for all of those involved. Finally, we will delve into an exploration of future directions in the relationship between technology and therapy, including what other areas of social work practice might benefit from incorporating these methods to reduce barriers to services.


Webinar Key Objectives:

  • Describe key points about historical and contemporary telehealth services
  • Identify the services offered through Nova Scotia’s TeleHealth Mental Health and Addictions Program
  • Discuss future directions of telehealth in Nova Scotia and across Canada