Navigating the Private Payer Landscape


Webinar event date

Jun 14, 2018 1:00 pm EDT

Webinar Presenters

Suzanne Lepage, Private Health Plan Strategist


Suzanne shares her private payer expertise to inform and educate stakeholders on how private health benefit plans are structured and coverage is determined.

Suzanne’s experience includes National Manager Private Healthcare with the pharmaceutical company Roche Canada, and before that she worked in group benefits for several major Canadian insurers in a wide variety of roles for almost 20 years.

She is frequent speaker and contributor to both private market and pharmaceutical industry conferences and publications.



This session will provide an insight into how private payer benefit plans are designed and how coverage for Social Work services is determined.

This 45 minute presentation will include: 

  • Private payer environmental overview
  • Review of key stakeholders, industry influencers, how they interact, and how funds flow between them
  • Principles of group insurance (origins, taxation and guidelines)
  • Review of risk management and profit sources for insurers in Canada
  • Case studies to understand why and when Social Workers are not covered by some private health plans.

The session will be followed by a 30 minute period to take audience questions.