Webinar event date: 
Dec 7, 2021 11:00 am EST
Webinar Presenters: 


Ary Maharaj

Ary Maharaj is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and the Outreach & Education Coordinator at the National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC). In his community education work, Ary strives to reconcile our commonalities with what makes us unique, acknowledging how each person’s experience intersects with systemic, social factors and can impact our health. His lived experience and clinical work keeps him grounded so that he never forgets the stories of the communities he’s advocating for when trying to take a preventative, proactive approach to help people with their relationship with eating and their body.

Erin Huston (she/her), MA

Erin Huston is a community educator and the Training & Education Coordinator with Body Brave. In her work Erin uses her education and lived experience to engage both professionals and public communities in conversation about eating disorders and diet culture using a feminist and anti-oppressive lens. Erin Huston has a Masters in Social Justice and Community Engagement at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Kaitlyn Axelrod (she/her), MSW, RSW

Kaitlyn Axelrod is a registered social worker and the Program and Outreach Coordinator at Sheena’s Place, where she facilitates support groups and leads community outreach initiatives. Through her work, Kaitlyn aims to destigmatize eating disorders and increase the accessibility of support. Kaitlyn believes that group-based mental health support is critical in reducing suffering and improving individual and community well-being.


Eating disorders are a complex, biopsychosocial mental health issue that can present numerous challenges for care. In this webinar, attendees will reflect on what it means to provide person-centered care for someone affected with an eating disorder. Grounded in latest knowledge, presenters will share information about varying modalities and types of support that could be helpful for clients’, and provide practical resources to aid with resourcing clients as they engage in the ongoing process that is recovery. 

Webinar Objectives

  • To reflect on what it means to build a therapeutic alliance with someone who’s affected by an eating disorder
  • To explore different modalities and types of support for people affected by an eating disorder
  • To learn about relevant resources and referral pathways to best support your clients