Webinar event date: 
Oct 18, 2021 1:30 pm EDT

After an election that focused on the response to and recovery from COVID-19, the Trudeau Liberals were elected on a platform that included significant investments with the potential to support social determinants of health: investments in health care, housing, seniors care, and Indigenous communities, to name a few. However, how the government should tailor these investments, and work with opposition parties to pass them through Parliament, remains to be seen.

On October 18th, we will dive into what we can expect from this new government, and what social and economic commitments they have made that are of most concern to our profession. We will also dive into commitments and issues that were left unfinished from the last parliament.  

Webinar Objectives 
Join CASW and Santis Health as we discuss what the next number of weeks and months will look like, and what CASW will be watching out for as the government establishes its formal agenda in the upcoming Throne Speech, Mandate Letters, and inevitably, Budget 2022.