Webinar event date: 
Jun 29, 2020 1:00 pm EDT
Webinar Presenters: 


Heather O’Neale, MSW, RSW, has worked in the social services field in Manitoba for over 16 years in the areas of crisis intervention, adult and adolescent psychiatry, non-profit community counseling and community development. Today, Heather is a private practice therapist working with adults and couples with an emphasis on trauma, anxiety, depression, and relational issues.  She is also an instructor at the University of Manitoba, teaching Counselling Skills, Counselling Theories, Working with Families, and Understanding Family Violence. Heather is multiethnic and multicultural, which provides her with a unique experiencing of culture and ethnicity and a strong interest in promoting discussion in these areas.  Heather is a mom and partner within a blended, multiethnic family and she universally believes that laughter is a necessary component of healing.




“Far too often we falsely convince ourselves that because we have a certain educational background, hold a certain professional title or have our own share of challenges in life, that we are immune to holding harmful beliefs about others.”  


This webinar series focuses on self-awareness as it relates to stereotypes, biases and prejudices that we hold as humans, and as professionals.  By examining how human brain schemas are formed, participants will explore how their familial cultural experiences, the media and the larger culture work to create specific generalized ideas about others.  Participants will learn strategies to combat those beliefs and enable them to enhance their professional relationships with clients and others.  The aim of this webinar is to create a safe and inviting space to be vulnerable within ourselves to examine what beliefs we hold and how they translate into our work with clients. 


“Vulnerability is uncomfortable and discomfort is a prerequisite to growth.”