Webinar event date: 
Mar 10, 2021 1:00 pm EST

Strongest Families Institute (SFI) is an award-winning charity and a pioneer in distance e-mental health services for children, youth and families. SFI’s system of care and pediatric skill-based programs targeting behavioural challenges, anxiety and bedwetting have been proven in clinical trials. SFI leverages the advantages of technology, best science, and skilled telephone support coaches to deliver timely services to people when and where they need it. Especially now, during the pandemic, effective e-mental health services are important support for children and parents who are affected by the impacts of COVID-19. Families at risk are more susceptible to further decline in mental health due to the impacts of COVID-19. Equipping families with skills to better manage mental health challenges and build resilience can lead to healthier, more productive lives. SFI takes great care to adapt its programs to ensure care is customized to meet client/family needs. In this webinar, Dr. Pottie will provide an overview of SFI’s services and e-platform and will present on SFI’s outcomes, including case examples of at-risk families and an overview of SFI’s research and new innovations. 

Specific learning objectives for this presentation are to:

  • Become familiar with SFI’s system of care, service and research programs, and program availability.
  • Understand the benefits of SFI’s skill-based programs and impacts on children, youth and families, including case examples of high-risk families. 
  • Understand SFI’s success with scalability and ability to rapidly reduce pediatric waitlists.
  • Learn about SFI’s ongoing research and innovation programs.