Working with you: Benefits, credits, and services


Webinar Presenters

Ann-Marie Jenkins and Dawn Kennedy are Regional Outreach Partnership Officers (ROPOs) with the Canada Revenue Agency. Combined, they have over 20 years’ experience, including answering questions on individual taxes, benefits and credits.  As ROPOs, they work with individuals, organizations and government departments representing vulnerable populations to increase awareness on the various benefits and credits that are available and the importance of tax filing in order to receive benefits and credits. Ann-Marie and Dawn also promote CRA’s programs and initiatives such as the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and online services. They attend conferences, events, meetings and provides presentations on CRA’s benefits and credits.



The webinar examines topics including benefits and credits available to vulnerable Canadians, services available to benefit recipients and the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP). The webinar will provide an overview of the numerous benefits and credits available to Canadians, the requirements for eligibility and information on how payment amounts are calculated. Through the various channels that social workers interact with Canadians on a day to day basis, the webinar seeks to better disseminate and demystify information on benefits and credits to vulnerable Canadians.

We hope that by working together, we can address barriers for persons using shelters and individuals that are housing insecure in accessing benefits and credits. With a section in the webinar regarding the CVITP, the audience will learn more about the program, its eligibility and how it can help Canadians access the benefits and credits they are entitled to. The webinar will also discuss the opportunity for social workers to invite CRA Outreach officers to their organizations for presentations (for example: accessing benefits and credits or a population specific presentation (i.e. resources relevant to seniors)). Social workers will be provided with resources to disseminate information on benefits and credits to the populations they serve. Resources are available in multiple languages and formats, targeting specific segments of the Canadian population (i.e. an info sheet with information on benefits and credits relevant to newcomers to Canada).