Social Work: Profession of Choice - Celebrating National Social Work Month 2016

OTTAWA, March 1, 2016 – National Social Work Month (NSWM) is a time to celebrate the profession, reflect on our individual and collective accomplishments, and assess the next challenges and opportunities for our profession. NSWM’s 2016 theme is again Social Work: Profession of Choice, encapsulating social workers’ passion for their chosen path and reflecting the profession’s core values and ethics.

“The pursuit of social justice is embedded in our profession as a core tenant of the CASW Code of Ethics” says CASW President Morel Caissie “It’s a foundational aspect that leads individuals and organizations to make social work their profession of choice when seeking clinical services, hiring new team members, or looking to the future of social policy.”

Social workers can be found in crucial roles across Canada – in direct (public and private) practice, health and education, as well as in the areas of community organization, policy analysis, planning, and administration. More and more, social work is being recognized for its ability to connect the perspectives of different health and helping professions, and look beyond individual problems to societal solutions.

NSWM is important time of year as the profession often neglects to celebrate its own accomplishments. “Social workers choose this path because they genuinely want to make a difference,” reflects Mr. Caissie. “We often see our clients through the most difficult times in their lives, so the natural inclination isn’t to seek recognition, but rather to celebrate the successes of those we serve.”

Another key aspect of the profession is a focus on the social determinants of health. Social work is increasingly becoming the profession of choice for individuals and organizations seeking professional services grounded in a holistic understanding of a person in all aspects of their environment: health, social, and economic.

“I am so proud to include myself among the amazing professionals practicing social work across Canada” states Caissie. “And I encourage young people who are seeking to positively impact their communities, country, and the world to make social work their profession of choice.”

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