Webinar event date: 
oct 9, 2019 1:00 pm EDT
Webinar Presenters: 

Lisa Lachance
President of Wisdom2Action Ltd.


Lisa uses her strong cultural competence and collaborative leadership skills to connect people in meaningful ways, so they can solve problems and move forward in their work. Lisa is currently a doctoral student in Health at Dalhousie University and holds degrees in Public Administration and International Development Studies.

Lisa started her career in the public sector, working first with the federal government in Ottawa, primarily at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) where she led the implementation of Canada’s Action Plan on Child Protection that had a particular focus on child participation. Lisa was the inaugural Director of Policy at the Nova Scotia Department of Finance, where she led initiatives to inspire innovation in the provincial government.

Lisa has consulted for Canadian, international, and United Nations organizations on knowledge translation/mobilization, children’s rights, youth and community engagement, and gender equality. Her areas of expertise include policy development and practical policy implementation strategies, facilitation, performance measurement and evaluation, and knowledge translation, particularly engaging knowledge producers and users in innovative processes.


Fae Johnstone
Senior Associate with Wisdom2Action Ltd.

Fae is a sought-after educator, consultant and facilitator working on unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin territory (Ottawa, ON). Fae’s work centers on LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, anti-oppression and community engagement. She has a background working in the LGBTQ2S+ non-profit sector as well as the child and youth mental health sector. Fae currently serves on the Strategic Advisory Council of the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, and the Champlain Regional Planning Table for Trans Health.

Fae is a budding writer, and over the past year, has had bylines appear in Daily Xtra, the Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Star and the Huffington Post. All of Fae’s work is driven by her passion to do better by, for and with marginalized communities.

You can follow Fae on Twitter @FaeJohnstone.



Cara McGonegal
Collaborator, Child Welfare League of Canada



20-40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ2+. 70% of trans youth have experienced sexual harassment. More than one-third of trans youth ages 14-18 have been physically threatened or injured in the past year. LGBTQ2+ individuals experience significantly higher rates of mental health problems and substance use issues than their heterosexual and cisgender peers. Despite greater health and social service needs, LGBTQ2+ communities are less likely to access health services – and all too likely to have negative experiences when they do.  This presentation will bring together the results of Wisdom2Action’s recent report on LGBTQ2+ youth and Gender-Based Violence alongside the expertise of our affiliates in LGBTQ2+ inclusion in health and social services to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the experiences of LGBTQ2+ young people, and practical tips and tricks for improving LGBTQ2+ inclusion in your practice and workplace. LGBTQ2+ inclusion is about more than a rainbow sticker. True inclusion requires a fulsome commitment to organizational culture change to embed LGBTQ2+ inclusion as a core principle and practice at all levels.

Specific learning objectives for this presentation are to:

  1. Understand how the health and well-being of LGBTQ2+ young people is shaped by systemic discrimination, homophobia, transphobia and gender-based violence.
  2. Become familiar with LGBTQ2+ terminology and the cultural context of gender, sex and sexuality.
  3. Develop strategies for bringing LGBTQ2+ inclusion into your organization.
  4. Learn about practical tips and tricks for embedding LGBTQ2+ inclusion in your practice.