Webinar event date: 
jan 30, 2019 12:00 pm EST
Webinar Presenters: 

Melvin Wilson, LCSW, MBA
Senior Manager, Office of Social Justice and Human Rights
National Association of Social Workers

Mr. Wilson has been an employee of NASW for 14 years. is responsible for working with NASW leadership and its chapters on responding to the Association’s Social Justice Priorities. This includes writing social justice briefs and writing NASW statements on incidents of social injustice that have national implications.


Mr. Wilson has been an employee of NASW for the last 14 years. During that time, he has held management positions in workforce development and affirmative action. Over the last five years, he has served as NASW’s senior manager for the Office of Social Justice and Human Rights.


In that capacity, he has been responsible for the lead staff person on national issues involving criminal and juvenile justice reforms, immigration, voting rights, economic justice, environmental justice and health equity.


In carrying out his duties, Mr. Wilson is required to fully understand the policy, legislative and social work practice implications of social justice and human rights that affect a wide range of the American population. It has also meant that he has had to work with a number of major national interdisciplinary coalitions to respond to and address social and human rights injustices.


Over his career, Mr. Wilson has extensive senior-level macro, mezzo, and micro social work experience in mental health, health care, HIV/AIDS, criminal justice, and homeless services.



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This webinar, presented by National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the national professional association for social workers in the United States, will cover the following topics and allow time for Q&A with the audience:

Mr. Wilson will discuss NASW ‘s social justice priorities which include five of America’s most pressing social justice issues on a national scale. The discussion will include data and policy analyses that how the social justice priorities were determined, and how NASW informs and mobilizes its members – from a social action standpoint- to help find was to correct injustices.

The presenter will also respond to questions from the audience. 

- key take home point 
That NASW and other American organizations have worked in coalition to bring about meaningful changes in national policies and practices that perpetuate social injustices among ethnic minorities, low income families, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations.

- key learning 
•    What are NASW’s social Justice Priorities?
•    What are some actions that NASW is taking to address injustices?
•    What is the role of NASW chapters in working with NASW national to respond to the social justice priorities?

- key topic(s)
•    Social Justice Priority Issues
•    The coalition model for addressing national issues
•    Understanding national and state-level legislative process
•    Develop policy recommendations on social justice priorities